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Find a Friend

For all who do not know me,

But are willing to come and see.

I've got everything that one can want,

And endless things for free.

Every story that I hear,

Can be an ending or a start.

And if the right one comes along,

It can mend a broken heart.

I have so many friends to touch,

But I don't see any faces,

We all travel far and wide,

To so many different places.

If you're ever sad and lonely,

You feel like no one cares for you,

Come to me and I will find,

Someone to share a life that's new.

You can talk about the weather,

Or how someone made you cry,

tell about a new life,

Or how to say goodbye.

When it is time to say farewell,

Don't forget just how we met.

I will be here waiting patiently,

I'm always around-for I am

The Internet.


Wilma Davis

I dedicate this poem to my good friend,   Ken Thompson

Who puts a smile on my face.

               Wilma Davis



Music Playing "Leaving of Liverpool"