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I try to sleep at night,

Your arms around, Oh so tight,

Hair that flowed like liquid gold,

Tearful eyes, your secrets told.


Don't seen fair on one so young,

With songs of life still left unsung.

Hopes and dreams all fade away,

But love is strong till dying day.

You were taken from my life,

Seven years you'd been my wife.

Blind to pain that was put to you,

My emotions are showing through.

Long walks we used to take,

And joyful times we used to make.

It's a story of our world,

And the many years it took to build.

I long for things I miss,

Your fond embrace and gentle kiss,

Now the days seem long and empty,

Planned by God, It's meant to be.

I'm all alone here in my life,

Seven days, without a wife.

Now the pain, it gets to me,

My emotions must be free.


Graham R Lomas




Music playing"The Power of Love"